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Pregnancy Discrimination

As a business and an employer, ensuring your work environment does not promote discrimination is of utmost importance. Companies that develop a reputation as discriminatory workplaces can discourage potential employees and prospective clients might also not want to join hands with such businesses. That said, discrimination in the workplace is an unlawful act that leads to various types of actions adversely affecting the work culture. There are numerous types of discrimination that occur in the workplaces. Similarly, pregnancy discrimination is another form of workplace discrimination that creates hindrances for pregnant female employees, making their survival at the workplace difficult. Pregnancy itself is a time of emotional instability with mood swings, hunger pangs, cramps and what not and the add on of discrimination can make it even awful. If you are pregnant and have faced pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, you are in the right place! Our pregnancy discrimination lawyers in Van Nuys have experience with clients who have faced pregnancy discrimination in the past with an excellent win record. We strive to fight for pregnant workers and new mothers who have been treated unfairly because of their condition. 

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The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and California Family Rights Act (CFRA) grants rights to women under which they can claim maternity leave. If an employer denies this leave, the woman is eligible to file a complaint, as it is illegal to violate a pregnant employee’s rights.

California’s Pregnancy Disability Leave Act has much to care for pregnant women, which every company is bound to follow. The Pregnancy Disability Leave Act allows pregnant employees to get up to four months of leave due to any disability concerning pregnancy. A pregnant employee working under an employer with five or greater employees is entitled to unpaid leave. This disability should be something that restricts the employee from performing the job and based on this disability there should be no pregnancy discrimination at work.

California Family Rights Act further provides an unpaid leave of 12 weeks to take care and bond with the newborn baby. Both laws restrict any work taken by an employee that can harm the employee or the pregnancy. Under these two laws, the employee’s job is protected as she can rejoin after the pregnancy leave.

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Navigating Your Right To Legal Action With A Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit

Are you suffering from discrimination at work? Is it discrimination based on pregnancy? Is it deteriorating your mental health? If yes, you should contact a pregnancy discrimination lawyer in Van Nuys. Our firm provides free consultation and charges on a contingent basis. Lawyers at Hussain & Gutierrez will guide you throughout your matter and tell you what is required for a successful  pregnancy discrimination lawsuit. We protect you from having to choose between work and family. Not only this, we also help you obtain pregnancy discrimination lawsuit settlement amounts that are in your favor. We understand how pregnancy can make things difficult for you, so we try our best to take your matters in our hands and make you sit back and enjoy this new journey to motherhood. If you find our services helpful, contact our firm for an evaluation of your case.

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Pregnancy discrimination is the unfair treatment against expectant women employees who are either terminated, not hired and other discriminated against at the workplace. It is one of the most common types of discrimination and comes in numerous forms.

Yes, according to the law of California pregnancy is protected by the legal rights against discrimination under The Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

No, you cannot fire a woman for taking maternity leaves as it is not allowed under the Parental Leave Act.

If you have any pregnancy disability you can take up to 4 months leave but if you need a leave to bond with your newborn then you can take a 12 weeks off time.

Pregnancy disability is a mental or physical condition that stops you from performing certain activities, so if you face any such change in your physical or mental behavior know that you have pregnancy disability. 

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