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If you need help with immigration issues, you’re not alone. The American immigration system is very complex, but we’re here to make it easier. Let the Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez guide you every step of the way.

Attorney Fakhrudeen Hussain has more than 10 years of legal experience. Plus, he is an immigrant himself, so he understands how you feel.

From our Van Nuys office, we assist clients throughout California with all types of immigration concerns. Give us a call today to discuss your specific situation.

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What Specific Immigration Issue Are You Facing?

These include:

  • Adjustment of status — Learn whether you qualify to change your immigration status.
  • Appeals — We handle appeals involving removal proceedings, denied visas and more.
  • Citizenship and naturalization — We have helped many people obtain green cards or become American citizens.
  • Criminal allegations — We can explain how a criminal charge may affect you and how you can fight deportation.
  • Family-based visas — Are you interested in bringing a family member to the U.S.? We can assist.
  • Immigration reform — Let us assist you with provisional waivers, DACA concerns, registered provisional immigrant issues and more.
  • Investment visas — We can guide you through the process of seeking an EB-5 investment visa.
  • Student visas — Learn how we can help you pursue an F-1 student visa to study in the U.S.
  • Visas for nonimmigrants — Learn about visa extensions as well as H-1B, L, E, P and O visas.
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Our immigration attorneys in Van Nuys, LA are here to assist you whether you have already applied for a visa and been rejected, or wish to petition for a family member to join you in the United States. We are committed to responding to your inquiries and resolving your worries because we are aware of the various difficulties that might develop in immigration issues.

We take an action-oriented strategy and fight to keep you and your family together using our expertise and experience required to develop original solutions and evaluate your options. You do not have to fight your fights alone. So, call us now at 888-997-3071 or email the firm.

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Immigration law regulates cross-border migration and covers visas, green cards, citizenship, asylum, and deportation. An experienced immigration lawyer in Van Nuys, LA can help you navigate the immigration process. 

Immigration issues can be tough and irritating .The Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez serve individuals and families and  prioritize our clients’ requirements and to deliver compassionate legal assistance, achieve your immigration goals, and protect your legal rights.

We possess the necessary expertise and experience required to develop original solutions and evaluate your different possibilities. Because our clients are so important to us, we understand how difficult it may be to be away from your loved ones. This is a battle you don’t have to fight alone. 

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An immigrant petition is used to permanently stay in the US, whereas a non-immigrant petition is used to temporarily work there. A “lawful permanent resident” card is also called a “green card.”  This card establishes US residency.  Family, job, and other means can get a green card.

You can file a Fiance Visa Petition on their behalf or get married in that country or a third nation and then apply for a Spousal Visa.  Each of these alternatives affects the timeline for filing the application, gathering the necessary evidence, and entering the United States in different ways. Make an appointment with an immigration attorney in Van Nuys, Los Angeles to discuss your options.

You can’t, sorry. You cannot petition to bring your parents to live and work permanently in the US if you are a lawful permanent resident. You need to be a US citizen and 21 years or older to petition for your parents to live in the US.

Yes, they can. But your child should be at least 21 years or older to be able to petition for you.

No. The process of getting a green card could take anywhere from three months to two years.

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