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Dangerous Occupations

Employee injuries can occur anywhere, anytime. But injuries and fatalities are more common in industries ranging from construction, transportation, logging, tree trimmers and the like. As per researchers, more than 450 workers died on the job in 2020 in California. Having said that, with all the hazards of working in these industries, you have legal rights to exercise when you get injured on the job. These rights include medical care, lost wages and other monetary benefits. 

If you work in a dangerous job like construction, the availability of workers’ compensation is especially important. You need to know that workers’ comp benefits will be there for you if an injury or illness occurs. But navigating the workers’ comp system can be complicated and too confusing to handle on your own especially when you’ve been hurt. At the Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez, our dangerous occupation attorneys are here to help you pursue the benefits you are entitled to if that happens. Our dangerous occupation lawyers in Van Nuys have more than 20 years of proven experience helping people obtain the workers’ comp benefits provided by law. From our office in Van Nuys, we help clients throughout the Los Angeles area. Not only this, but we make sure that you receive the full compensation as soon as possible.

The Best Dangerous Occupation Lawyers Helping You Avail Several Different Types Of Benefits

The workers’ comp system has several different types of benefits which can be only achieved with the help of a good attorney. A lot depends, of course, on your medical condition. We encourage you to talk with our Van Nuys dangerous occupation lawyers about what you are eligible for and let our experience guide you forward. Having one of the best dangerous occupation attorneys by your side can make your case stronger and the overall experience smooth which further leads to a substantial compensation, making things easier for you and your family who is passively suffering.

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Van Nuys Dangerous Occupation Lawyers At Hussain & Gutierrez Will Fight For Your Legal Right To A Fair Settlement

For many years, attorneys Fakhrudeen Hussain and John Judge Gutierrez have been diligently fighting to win medical care and other monetary compensations for victims of work injuries. The collective experience of the legal team at Hussain & Gutierrez has solved numerous dangerous occupation cases. Our dangerous occupation lawyers in Van Nuys can advocate for you and help you pursue your claim, as they have been doing for thousands of injury victims. From filing your claim to negotiating the terms of the settlement, our attorneys will help you throughout the process. Our team promises a no-fee contract until your compensation is made. The track record of our firm states how well-informed and efficient we are in terms of services and client handling. So, contact us as soon as possible and get your case resolved.

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Logging work is the most dangerous work in the United States of America , it has a fatality rate of 135.9. 

In most cases, dangerous jobs are not close to the compensation concerning the risk. In fact, a lot of risky jobs pay an insignificant amount of pay.

You should address the supervisor about your situation and inform them that you cannot work because of the unsafe environment. It is your supervisor’s responsibility to solve your issues on the job.  If you are terminated or suffer an adverse employment action, contact us a soon as possible. 

After being injured on the job you should immediately seek treatment, notify your supervisor of the injury and then you are required to file a claim for compensation.

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