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Burn Injuries

One of the most challenging physical, emotional, psychological, and social traumas in a person’s life can be a burn injury. They are more common than you think; they can be brought on by radiation, steam, electricity, hot liquids, steam, chemicals, and fire. Burns can result in swelling, blistering, infections, scars, shock, disfigurement, and even death in severe situations. Additionally, the expense of medical care and rehabilitation for burn injuries is frequently shockingly exorbitant. Regardless of how your burn injury occurred, if it was brought on by someone else’s carelessness, recklessness, or willful actions at work, you can be entitled to financial compensation.

Burn injuries are excruciating and can leave lifetime scars. These scars being permanent, need numerous treatments and surgeries. The scarring is not only physical, but mental. Suppose you or your loved ones have ever suffered from a burn injury. In that case, a competitive burn injury lawyer from Hussain & Gutierrez is here to serve you in seeking burn injury compensation for your loss. Even though no money can compensate for your loss, it can resolve your financial issues by bringing stability to your medical charges.

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An employee suffering from burn injury has the right to get monetary as well as non-economic compensation. The categories are further defined as follows:

  • Monetary compensation: This includes medical bills, medicines, wages lost in the past, future wages, and other relevant expenses
  • Non-economic: Therapy for physical and mental pain, humiliation, trauma, and anxiety comes under the compensation of all other damages. Non-economic compensation also includes nursing and rehabilitation

Insurance companies are taught to minimize your injuries and pressure you into accepting a meager payment. However, the Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez have professional burn injury attorneys that can precisely gauge the severity of the burn wounds and how they will impact your future. We can accurately predict the long-term effects of your injuries once we are aware of the full degree of the harm.

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It is essential that you have an experienced workplace burn injury attorney on your side throughout your case. Your lawyer will be able to make sure the person or entity that caused your burn injuries pays you the right amount for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Both the burn victim and their family may have an extremely difficult time recovering from the injury.

Burn injuries come with a lot of  problems in the life of a victim and his family. If you need a Van Nuys burn injury attorney, our burn injury law firm will be happy to help you learn about your legal rights and the compensation you can receive. Catastrophic burn injury can be a lifetime pain for you and your loved ones so make sure you have the best legal guidance by your side to take care of your proceedings and compensations.

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The handling plan of your injury depends on many factors, such as, severity of injury, place, time and date. The compensation amount and the time period of a lawsuit is based on all these factors.

Emergency services 9-1-1 is the most reliable resource of safety all across the world

Yes, you can definitely win the case if the whole blame is not on you as the pure comparative rule is applied on burn injury cases in Van Nuys.  The fault of the burn can be attributed to the actions and inactions of others. 

According to the statistics, most of the burn injuries are caused by preventable accidents.

Maybe.  It depends on several factors whether you can sue your employer or not. If you are injured because of your employer and prove that he was legally responsible for it, you can definitely sue him.

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