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Alexander F

I have been trying to fix my legal situation for the longest time. The first time I made it all the way to the last interview, but because I didn’t have good representation, things fell between the cracks, The second time around I was taken advantage of by this woman who ended up scamming me for money, and almost getting me deported. By the time I brought my case to Attorney Fakhrudeen Hussain it was already a mess. Thankfully Atty. Hussain is very knowledgeable and has plenty of experience, He was able to get me a green card. My advice to you is to have Atty. Hussain accompany you to your final interview because he will be the best tool to guide you through. It really worked for me. I sincerely recommend him for all your immigration needs.Atty. Hussain, I’m thoroughly grateful for all your help.