Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez
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Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez
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Mike Cross
00:15 03 May 22
Everyone online said, you need a professional at your back when dealing with the immigration process. Too much can go wrong... and that's when you'll wish you had a lawyer. My wife and I took the suggestion of our landlady who encouraged us to contact this law office ASAP. We didn't want to second-guess ourselves while sweating out our time in hard suspense, waiting for a decision. We hired on Mr. Hussain-- which went very smoothly-- and the rest of our process continued in that vein. Eventually, happily, we got the outcome we hoped for. I can't stress enough how worthwhile it is to have peace-of-mind, and these guys are solid. Recommended.
Nora Cross
00:00 03 May 22
We were very fortunate to have Mr. Hussain as our lawyer. The communication was great and our process was successful. Irma called me when there were questions, and they were all very nice and helpful at the office. Thank you!
Mike C.
17:16 02 May 22
Everyone online said, you need a professional at your back when dealing with the immigration process. Too much can go wrong... and that's when you'll wish...
Nora C.
16:57 02 May 22
We were very fortunate to have Mr. Hussain as our lawyer. The communication was great and our process was successful. Irma called me when there were...
Martha M.
02:28 22 Apr 22
I typically do not write reviews, very seldomly do. But this guy knows his stuff. If you're looking for someone to get things done and means absolute...
Martha M
01:40 22 Apr 22
Mr. Hussain, I'd like to sincerely thank you for your exceptional service. You are very efficient and you take care of business, you're very stern and you GET things done. Those are the exact qualities I was looking for when searching for an immigration attorney. Your receptionist is very sweet and welcoming. Again, I thank you for guiding myself and my husband through my green card process. You're highly recommend by me.
08:27 12 Apr 22
Jose Salcedo
17:39 02 Mar 22
Buena atención de la sra.Irma
Annika O.
09:28 26 Jan 22
Let me start off by saying, if you are thinking about retaining Mr. Hussain for your immigration needs don't hesitate, he will not disappoint. When going to...
Vilma Rodriguez
05:21 21 Oct 21
Les agradesco profundamente por su pronta atención son tan eficientes Los Recomiendo Son muy Responsables en su trabajoMil gracias
Ashley D
17:26 15 Sep 21
I have called SO many attorneys looking for help with an immigration case and they were the best ones! Everyone here was so nice and actually gave helpful advice. Erma at reception was great in making sure I was able to speak to the attorney twice! And Hussain was very knowledgable and helpful. Thank you!
19:09 09 Sep 21
Mr. Hussain is the best! Guided us through the process of obtaining a green card every step of the way. Provided detailed instructions for us throughout the process which were easy to complete and he handled everything else. Responded to all our questions, calls, and emails within a timely manner and always made himself available. Mr. Hussain is our go to for immigration attorney as well as our family and friends. He was able to complete our process at a faster than expected rate and at a better cost. Thank you Mr. Hussain!
Don N.
12:12 09 Sep 21
Mr. Hussain is the best! Guided us through the process of obtaining a green card every step of the way. Provided detailed instructions for us throughout the...
Patricia Nguyen
23:13 30 Aug 21
I am so glad to have done my green card process here. Mr. Hussain was a HUGE help. He really is a great lawyer. He is very thorough with everything and lets you know everything you need to know. He helped make our process super simple and easy to understand. Don't hesitate coming to him. Also very responsive! He is great at replying back at emails if you have any questions at all. The front desk is really nice and is on top of everything too. Even if he is not at the office, they will make sure to call you back asap.
Anita Chavez
00:50 30 Jul 21
Hussain was very helpful in my worker's comp case, he is knowledgeable professional and friendly. I highly recommend using him for your workers compensation case.
Jonnie Dee Dore
00:34 16 Jul 21
I was able to work with attorney Hussein about getting my new green card which was expired at the time and in the same time we processed my citizenship application as well I started my neutralization with a different attorney which I was very disappointed with the service I received and the fees I had to pay that was the time I hired attorney Hussein which he and his staff provided me very professional service always there for me if I had a question and it was always the attorney who dealt with me in the matter not a staff member or a secretary, fees are very reasonable and affordable I recommend attorney Hussein for anyone who needs help with their immigration matters
Jonnie D.
17:33 15 Jul 21
I was able to work with attorney Hussein about getting my new green card which was expired at the time and in the same time we processed my citizenship...
Maria Adele Gomez
18:44 13 Apr 21
He’s very helpful and straightforward helped me with my green card and now with my citizenship 🙏
Catalina Focil
19:00 22 Jan 21
Mister Hussain is the best! Great person, very knowledge, honest and professional. His team is awesome! Irma his assistant is a sweet lady always with a smile on her face. If you are looking for a good attorney who fight for your rights I recommend Mister Hussain 100%
Cynthia Ramirez
03:35 11 Dec 20
I was referred to the Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez by my father William the lawyer Mr. Hussain helped my father with his worker compensation cases and when I needed help with my case he gladly helped me. This business is extremely professional and very concerned about providing you with the best services that they possibly can. Give them a call you definently will not be disappointed. Mr. Hussain is really good at his job and will get you the best compensation possible I had the best experience and he is very knowledgeable about what he does. I feel I got the justice I deserved. You should definitely give him a call and let his expertise speak for itself. Irma their paralegal is super nice and very experienced.
Melissa C.
21:15 09 Nov 20
Thanks to Hussain my case went smoothly in a short amount of time. Thank you and your team for helping me win my case! Whenever I have questions, they are...
Rochelle S
22:37 02 Sep 20
I personally recommend The Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez this business is extremely professional and very concerned about providing you with the best services that they possibly can. Give them a call you definently will not be disappointed. I was referred to see Lawyer F. Hussain and I seriously had the best experience, he is very knowledgeable about what he does and helped me get the justice I deserved. Give him a call and let his expertise speak for itself. I promise you won't regret it. Irma their paralegal is awesome with patience and is very informative.
Mel Gamboa
05:16 02 Sep 20
I chose this attorney's services thanks to a google review and it was exactly as described: prompt, very professional, on point and with excellent results. Mr Hussain helped me with my workers compensation insurance process and fought to get me the maximum benefits. He is very knowledgeable so he knew how to keep me informed, aware and prepared for everything regarding my case. Irma and Joanna are excellent customer care providers and I was pleased to have this Law Office as my legal representatives.
Fernando Osorio
18:44 05 Jul 20
We were very pleased with the legal immigration services we received from Mr. Hussain. He was very informative, knowledgeable and pleasant to talk with. He always had the time to speak with us if we had a question and explained everything in detail and made it easy to understand. What seemed to be a difficult situation for us was handled in a professional manner and made for the outcome we had hoped for! Irma was very friendly and helpful and made you feel comfortable. They also offer you a payment plan that works perfect for your situation. We’re grateful for his help and know that he will help many others in the same situation. I strongly recommend his services! Thank you Mr. Hussain and staff!!!!
Paris Williams
19:21 21 May 20
Mr. Hussain was a Blessing to my husband and myself. When I say simply amazing. Dealing with him in my husbands immigration statues was like walking into my brothers office. His staff as well as him was friendly, kind and warming. He guided in a way that we understood everything in the process. Even if we had questioned that didn't make sense to some he would explain it. His prices where reasonable. I can't express enough to his staff and him how much we appreciate all the phone calls back in a timely matter. I cant express enough how valued I felt and how I really felt as if we were his only clients, never felt like we were a couple of many. MAY THE MOST HIGH CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU AND YOUR STAFF MR. HUSSAIN!!!!!!
Jennifer Son
23:48 04 May 20
Throughout the two plus years, I haven't been more satisfied. I've had plenty of empathy and support from Irma. She's such a sweetheart and always made me smile. Hussain has been very professional and made me feel like he has my back in more ways than one. Irma and Hussain are extremely prompt in answering any questions or concerns I had. I'm feeling very grateful and hoping both as well as their colleagues continue to prosper in the future. Thank you all for your help 🙂
Rivers Westwood
23:42 08 Feb 20
Mr Hussain is a very direct and professional person to work with. He was accommodating in setting up dates where we could meet and made the most use of the time we had.His staff went above and beyond to help us with paperwork and preparation for our immigration interview, they were always open to our questions and never failed to help us with our anxieties about the process.I would highly recommend.
Rivers W.
15:47 08 Feb 20
Mr Hussain and his entire team where extremely accommodating to us during the entire process (GreenCard Application). With a mix of professionalism and...
Amena Mandviwala
00:30 24 Dec 19
My husband and I worked with Mr. Fakhruddin Hussain in order to effectively move forward with my immigration process. He made sure to answer all our questions, and was ready to hop on a quick call whenever we needed and explained the entire process to us. The whole immigration process can be very overwhelming, but Mr. Hussain made us feel very comfortable. As a client, we felt that all our needs were met, and fortunately because of Mr. Hussain and his extraordinary services we didn’t have to worry about a thing. Would definitely recommend Mr. Hussain.
Murtaza Ezzy
17:40 23 Oct 19
If you are looking for an immigration lawyer, Hussain is your man! He knows all in and out and puts his clients in ease throughout the process.He literally is always there to answer all your questions. We hired him for our green card and with his expertise and experience Got my Gc under a year.Highly recommend him!
Insiya Zariwala
20:17 22 Oct 19
Mr. Hussain is a great lawyer! He was a tremendous help with our immigration process. He always responded back quickly and answered all our questions diligently. Thanks to him, the application process and the interview went smoothly.
miguel menjiivar
01:10 09 Oct 19
That guy is awesome! Gave me some free advice!he's about helping people not ripping them he's for the people lawyer!
Jose Ruiz
18:37 26 Aug 19
I would highly recommend Mr. Hussain's services to anyone who needs representation with a work related injury. He is very knowledgeable and had all answer to all my questions. He and his office were available anytime I had questions and that was appreciated. He fought hard for me and it showed at the end. I couldn't be more satisfied.Thank you Mr. Hussain.
Bonny Chattopadhyay
17:51 26 Aug 19
Mr. Hussain and his whole office is a very efficiently run team. We were well informed at every step of our case and with his guidance, the process was not as daunting as it has been for many others. I highly recommend Mr. Hussain for all legal advice but especially immigration and labor related.
818 reca
00:46 15 Aug 19
Mr. Hussain is the best I highly recommend him as an attorney. He represented me after I became injured with back legs, and neck injuries from bad working conditions and ergonomic incorrect chairs and desk's. I was in so much pain and could not work I did not know that I could get a fair settlement. Mr. Hussain got me three times what I was expecting, and got me the best help from great doctors. Mr. Hussain is very professional and he fought to get me the highest settlement possible. I highly recommend him to anyone needing a good attorney.
William Magana
20:40 12 Aug 19
Quiero agradecer y sumamente recomendar a este despacho de abogados por ser tan pacientes y leales para la busca y solución de mi caso, personas muy profesiónales y en busca de el mejor resultado para sus clientes, no duden en llamarlos y poner en sus manos sus problemas, gracias!! Gracias por esta victoria!! Muy agradecido. De corazón al que esté leyendo esto, no duden en llamarlos
laura soto
05:20 24 Jul 19
My experience with FAKHRUDEEN HUSSAIN has been excellent. After my work injury he did everything he could to ensure a great outcome. I felt very comfortable with this attorney and I would highly recommend.
arcelia ruelas
03:32 24 Jul 19
Highly Recommend Hussain and his team. They where able to help my dad with a worker comp case. My father did not expect to get all the help and support they gave us for years. My fathers ingury happen in 2016, and his case settled in 2019 to my fathers benefit. There was never a time he made us feel discouraged, he always faught for what was right. Anytime we had a question he was always a phone, email or text away. His assistant Irma has also been a great help. She makes me feel like family every time I call. Once again highly recommend Hussain and his team they will never give up on you!
Sartorial Splendor
14:13 11 Jul 19
I'm writing this review because it is well deserved. I was referred to the law offices of Hussain & Gutirerrez for my workers compensation case. I was told he was a great workers compensation attorney and he was just that. I experienced a work injury in the beginning of the this year and was sort of helpless because I didn't know the next steps or the process. After the first day that I called, I felt I was in great hands so i took the chance with them. His assistant, Irma Garay worked diligently with me for the last six months until my case was settled. She was very organized, patient, and VERY informative. Mr. Hussain is an awesome example of what a great workers compensation attorney should display. He was very thorough, honest, and forward. He fought for me a great settlement and I am still at awe of the amount. I''m so appreciative that I was referred to them. You are in great hands if you ever need a workers compensation attorney. I recommend the Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez. Every expectation was met and beyond. I'm extremely grateful.Thanks again Mr. Hussain and your amazing staff!C.Mars
Mubeen Ahmed
06:11 29 May 19
I contacted Mr.Hussain in 2018 regarding Workers compensation with respect to injury at work. From the very first day, he was professional, efficient and exceeding diligent. He appeared to me to be very knowledgeable and experienced about the legal issues and demonstrated excellent communication skills. At the same time he was very cooperative and supportive. His prompt and compassionate response coupled with his highly professional service gave us all the reassurance we needed and finally got a settlement. From the beginning till the end, he and his staff were available to guide us through our process. They were prompt in reverting back to our mails regarding the case and very expeditious in answering our phone calls at any given time of the day.While working with him, I felt as though my situation was in adept and trusty worthy hands, and he didn’t steer me wrong. I am eternally grateful for everything he did and would definitely recommend him to anyone.
Isha Knight
04:19 07 Apr 19
Mr Hassain replied to my emails promptly answering every question I asked. Thank you.
Joey jo
08:07 02 Mar 19
I’m so thankful I found Mr. Hussain and I’m extremely satisfied with the services. It was a very smooth process for me. He was always available to answer any questions I had about my case which is something I feel is very important. Also he was very knowledgeable and very professional. I will definitely be recommending him to any friends or family in the future. If you are looking for a workers compensation attorney that will deliver I would recommend Mr. Hussain!
Kristina Galvez
16:25 17 Feb 19
Mr. Hussain took excellent care of us when several attorneys said our immigration case was a lost cause. He was tough on us, but honest. He told us everything we needed to do and we did it. He is so knowledgeable and helpful! Our waiver was approved, even though we had a 50-50 chance but we made it thanks to Mr. Hussain. He summarized all of our information in a manner that got the waiver approved! The Visa appointment went through just as he said it would. My husband is now in this country legally and we could not have done without Mr. Hussain. My husband said all of the preparation and direction he received from Mr. Hussain got him through every step of the process in Ciudad Juarez. He said he watched many other people fail through the process but he was prepared thanks to Mr. Hussain. I can't believe all of this is finally over thank's to Mr. Hussain!! He changed our lives for the better! His staff is always courteous and they helped to translate all of our documents! We are so happy! I want to give him 10 stars!!!
It's Regular
21:05 24 Jan 19
This guy is the man ! Helped me with a very good settlement . Whenever you have an injury at work or car accident and etc. this is the place where you need to go ASAP!
17:40 19 Jan 19
This is my very first time writing a review and so I'm taking the time to do so because I feel that Mr. Hussain delivered on his promise to get me a good settlement.He is very knowledgeable and knows what he is talking about and doesn't sugar coat things with promises of getting rich of a settlement.The first thing you will notice is that he is open to any questions you may have on your case and his firm seems to keep cases to a minimum.By keeping the case load light his office can focus more on cases and this makes you feel like you are not just another file sitting on a desk.Would I recommend him to family or friends, the answer is yes because I was not led on and Mr. Hussain is very professional.
jorge galicia
23:49 04 Jan 19
One of the best lawyers I've known very helpful and full of resources to help someone friendly and very respectful for everyone
Torta Ninja
00:43 10 Dec 18
Mr. Hussain does the best of representing and fighting for you. He also helps with workers compensation which is a plus. Highly recommended.
Nishi Rathod
06:15 13 Nov 18
Mr Hussain is a very direct and professional man. The entire process for my case was handled very smoothly, without glitches and any hiccups. The office is very warm and welcoming. Irma at the office is just sweet and amazingly accommodating. I was definitely in good hands and taken care of. I would continue my relationship with this office and recommend others to do so.
Jose Alfaro
19:42 06 Oct 18
Les quiero informar que el Abogado Hussain fue excellentismo en el manejo de mi caso de compensacion de trabajador. Me ayudo con ir al doctor y me atendieron rapido .Siempre me ayudaron con mis preguntas de mis leciones y estoy muy contento con la compensacion monetaria que me tramito porque me consiguio una alta cantidad.Lo recominedo como abogado de compensacion al trabajador .
Neomal Muthumala
23:31 13 Jun 18
Mr.Hussain is very knowledgeable about the immigration process. He has years of experience in the field.I would highly recommend him to friends and family
Nika Bowen
16:07 04 Jun 18
I gave Hussain a 5 star. My consultation with him was superb. Not only was he available and works around your time, but he also research your case and tell you the possible way to go. His feed back on how to go about things was exceptionally well and it leads you in the right direction. I highly recommend him for anyone who is looking for an honest opinion on immigration matters.
19:49 02 Jun 18
first of all, the consultation was free and with out an appointment.i was between a rock and a hard place legally when i went looking for legal advise not knowing how much it would cost or how long it would take 30mins later i left this building confident that i have my life back.hence this review
Erika Augilar
21:39 28 Apr 18
Hussain un exelente abogado para imigracion mi caso lo toem y en menos de dos años ya tengo cita en inmigracion en mayo en ciudad juarez te dice las cosas como son aveces es fuerte en lo que dice y como te lo dice pero asi me gustan las personas directas y sin rodeos lo recomiendo 100% me aprovaron mi person gracias hussain.
Emanuel Canaca
02:32 22 Feb 18
Great lawyer. He guided me from beginning to end without a hiccup. If I had to do it again I wouldn’t pick any other lawyer other than him.
Lynda Hart
02:31 12 Dec 17
I needed an attorney to represent me after I became injured with spinal and neck injuries from bad working conditions. I was skeptical that I could get a fair settlement. Mr. Hussain got me three times what I was expecting, and in a short amount of time. Mr. Hussain is very professional and he fought to get me the highest settlement possible. I highly recommend him to anyone needing a good attorney.
older yet wiser
19:25 30 Aug 17
Yo soy Catalina, la esposa. Abogado Hussain es un abogado fantastico! Yo tango mi residencia gracias a Senor Hussain. El es muy competente y es un experto de immigration. Por favor, llama abogado Hussain por ayuda.
Reshma D
18:00 27 May 17
Mr. Hussain made the process of getting my green card super easy and simple! His patience, professionalism, knowledge and expertise allowed me to get answers to all my questions and concerns. He was there to explain the entire process step by step and in detail, and gave me the comfort and trust I needed. His staff was also always very pleasant and helpful. I will definitely recommend Mr. Hussain to anyone who needs immigration assistance. All the paperwork and this entire process would've been a total nightmare if it wasn't for Mr. Hussain, so I greatly thank him for all his guidance and professionalism.
Raul Perez
04:58 12 Mar 17
A mi en lo personal me tienen muy satisfecho con el trato que me han brindando
Mariya Noordeen
07:48 24 Feb 17
I got my green card though Mr Hussain's professional service and couldn't be more thankful! He helped us throughout the process, with the paperwork and any other concerns we had. Thanks to him it was as smooth as it could get!I am now looking to apply for my citizenship, and Mr Hussain once again is helping me through this. He is readily available on the phone, and is helpful as always. He's experienced and knows the nitty gritty's and I would recommend him to anyone who requires immigration assistance!
Mariya N.
10:08 07 Jan 17
I got my green card though Mr Hussain's professional service and couldn't be more thankful! He helped us throughout the process, with the paperwork and any...
Taqi Jaffery
22:18 28 Nov 16
Mr. Hussain is a great lawyer. I had to bring my fiance over to USA. Mr. Hussain help me out with the whole process and thanks to him my wife has her green card. Thank you to Mr. Hussain and his law team for helping me everything. I highly recommend him for everything. Mr. Hussain knows a lot about immigrants law.
Mufaddal A
02:10 08 Nov 16
My family hired Mr. Hussain to apply for a green card and I was able to come here as an immigrant. He was a very knowledgeable attorney and guided us in the right direction and advised us on the process. He was very accessible when we had questions. During our time with him he was very professional and made us feel very comfortable. I would recommend Mr. Hussain to anyone who is looking for an attorney that will take care of their clients from the beginning to end.
Huzaifa Badri
03:01 18 Oct 16
Mr Hussain did an excellent job detailing out the permanent residence process for my wife, guided us through the process, and submitted appropriate documentation with immigration for a status change. Everything worked out as planned and my wife got her permanent resident status within 6 months. All steps, expectations, and timelines were detailed out so there were no surprises. He is very knowledgeable about immigration law and has years of experience. No matter how complex your case maybe please contact Mr. Hussain to resolve your immigration issues.
Oladele Balogun
16:23 07 Oct 16
Hussain is the best ever immigration Attorney I have ever met.He was very precise and gave exceptional advise at every step. I highly recommend him to anyone.
nicole Balogun
03:30 05 Oct 16
Attorney Hussain, he is very patient and takes his time with helping his clients. I am an American citizen and I married someone who is not this is the first time I have ever done it. I heard so many horror stories but did it anyway. I actually went on google and randomly selected Hussain. He was the best selection I made. It was quick and easy. Some people have waited for years and some of our friends are still in the process. It only took us a span of about 7 to 8 months. I would really recommend that if you need service to contact him. Every one case is different but if you listen to what he tells you and you just be patient you will be very happy. Thank you again. Hussain
Irma Garay
23:37 03 Oct 16
Mr. Hussain is a very knowledgeable attorney in workers comp. I used his office for my workers comp claim. and got a good settlement.
Adnan Khan
16:41 14 Jul 16
hi, khan here...1st of all i never wright reviews, so if I sound weird then do please for give me. But this time i feel i have to so that other don't have to go threw what I been threw.So here it goes...I JUST GOT MY GREEN CARD this month with the help of Fakhrudeen Hussain at the Immigration law offices in Van nuys...Now I been to few other lawyers before i went to Fakhrudeen Hussain, and always left with more questions then the answer until i went to Immigration law offices and met Fakhrudeen Hussain.I went in, he told me how everything will work and what he needs from me...Made it very simple and gave me a timeline, there was no BS like the other who told me that you will have to beg and act crying when you go to interview front of officer(not a jock)i was told that by so call immigration lawyer LOL .Anyways everything happened as Fakhrudeen hed explain and on time... I am very thankful to Fakhrudeen Hussain and I highly recommended to anyone with immigration problem or problem with workers compensation to visit the Immigration Law Offices. They really know what they are doing. Amazing job could not be more happier...Thank again to Mr.Hussain...
Mariam B.
01:44 17 Jun 16
We are very grateful for Mr. Hussain helping me getting my permanent residence after getting married to a US citizen. He was straight forward and explained to us what we needed to do and expect etc. Very helpful and informative. If we had any concerns he would help us put us at ease with his knowledge.
Sarah Mustafa
04:08 10 Jan 16
Mr Hussain is a dedicated and knowledgeable immigration lawyer, who helped me with my green card from start to finish. He answered any and all questions and prepared me well for the interview. I highly recommend him.
Christian Kemabia
01:39 14 Oct 15
Mr. Hussain is a terrific lawyer. I came to him because I had fallen out of my F-1 status and needed to change to a B-1 in order to not be in any violation with U.S. immigration laws. Mr. Hussain helped me put together my application while being very open about my chances of getting an approval due to my circumstances. He also cleared up a lot of misconceptions I had and explained in details the process of how my application will be reviewed. In the end, I got my approval and I know I could not have gotten it had I applied on my own. I cannot recommend Mr. Hussain's services enough and I plan to consult him in the future for any immigration-related issue I may have.
Ray Rojo
03:03 13 Oct 15
We hired Fakhrudeen to apply for a green card and he was great. The process was explained very clearly to us, the meetings were short and to the point, and we felt very well prepared for the interview. Communication with him and his office is great, and everything is handled quickly and efficiently. We highly recommend his services!
Katie Campbell
02:56 13 Oct 15
My husband and I hired Fakhrudeen Hussain to process my husband's green card application. We had a great experience! Mr. Hussain is honest, communicative, responds quickly, provides clear and detailed information, and is very efficient. We had success filing our paperwork and felt well-prepared for our interview. We highly recommend his services.
Rigo Hernandez
21:06 11 Mar 15
I have a relative who was detained crossing the border illegally.I went to see Mr. Fakhrudeen with the intention to hired him to represent my relative.He explained me how the immigration system works and that at this point a Lawyer was not needed and gave me advice of what to do. I am very impressed of his honesty and professionalism.
03:32 02 Feb 15
I found Mr. Hussain on the internet while searching for an attorney to help me apply for green card for my wife. I made an appointment and visited him. Before going into more details, I want to summarize my experice with Mr. Hussain.1. Mr hussain is very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience with immigration Laws2. He is professional, helpful and honest.3. He keeps in constant communication and answers all questions. He replied to my email very quickly.4. He knows the process in and out. He gave me a timeline for the whole process and everything went as he said.Before visiting Mr. Hussain, I spent a lot of time trying to prepare the documents myself (Green card for my wife f1). There were a ton of confusing questions and a number of forms to fill. Google had so many questions and so many different answers. This led me to google attorneys instead. I found another lawyer. That guy sugar coated everything. He made the case sound so simple but at the same time, he asked me to fill forms that didnt make any sense at all. I realized that he was bluffing me so I decided to google again. I knew my case and understood where the complexity lied. While searching, I came accross Mr. Hussain and found a lot of good reviews. Me and my wife decided to meet him in person. In our first appointment he told us the whole process, gave us approximate dates for Work Permit, green card etc and gave us some time to decide whehter we wanted to go with him or not. His every word and statement seemed right. It was then, when I decided to go with Mr. Hussain and I am glad I did. Mr. Hussain has a lot of experience and knowledge in US Immigration Laws. He told us the whole process. He explained every step. Answered all of our questions and gave us an approximate estimate of when I should be expecting each step. I was amazed at how all of his approximation proved true. We got interview call for green card , visited Mr. Hussain once again. He told us what to expect at the interview. Everything he said was true.I am very impressed with him and highly recommend him to all.
Daniel Sappleton
17:35 25 Oct 14
I found Immigration Law Offices on the internet and trusted my instinct. My experience was very satisfying. Mr. Hussain accommodated me out of office hours and was readily accessible by phone or email. He is very thorough and proficient. He was able to use his expertise to guide me through the process identifying all possibilities and outcomes.I would not hesitate to recommend Immigration law offices to handle your immigration case regardless of how complex your case might be.
T. Mar
02:13 25 Jun 14
Permítanme comenzar diciendo que no tengo mucha experiencia con inmigración. Nací en los EE.UU., a mi padre, por otra parte no lo era. Nació en México, ha estado aquí desde 1970. Como muchos otros, llegó a trabajar, la mayoría trabajó era pagado con dinero en efectivo. Él tenía sus problemas con la ley debido al alcoholismo. Te digo esto para que usted conozca lo difícil que sería para alguien como él para obtener la residencia. Mi padre, en 2007 fue detenido en su camino al trabajo, su luz del carro estaba fuera y él no tenía una licencia, lo añade a una orden de detención pendiente desde hace más de una década.Estaba, literalmente, a punto de ser deportado. De inmediato tuve que conseguir un abogada (Lanza Gallardo), nuestros problemas legales comenzaron. Fue un largo proceso de más de 7 años que iban a ninguna parte. Finalmente tuvimos suficiente, lo que se sentía correr en el mismo lugar y ser desangrado de dinero. Lo despidiemos.Te puedes imaginar que queriamos nada que ver con los abogados. Era difícil encofrar uno que este dispuesto a trabajar con su horario. Y que no sobre cobre. Tuve la suerte de encontrar a el Sr. Fakhrudeen Hussain. El vendría en sábados por la mañana para reunirse con nosotros.Estaba informado y muy al grano. Era honesto, es una cualidad muy admirable. Sus precios eran muy razonables y él estaba dispuesto a trabajar con usted en el pago. Nos reunimos con algunos otros abogados, pero la cantidad de dinero que pidió fue irracional, todos insistimos en reunión durante mis horarios del trabajo. Elegimos el Sr. Hussain como nuestro abogado.Fue la decisión correcta para nosotros, y sé que él es la opción correcta para usted. No lo puedo recomendar lo suficiente. No puedo expresarle lo agradecido que estoy con el Sr. Hussain. Se ha levantado una tremenda carga de nuestras vidas.Sr. Hussain comenzó como nuestro abogado en Agosto de 2013 y en Junio de 2014 había resuelto el caso de mi padre, en menos de un año. Él nunca pidió más dinero, pero fue honesto sobre otros posibles cargos si el caso requiere en cazo de apelación.
George Kwasi
21:08 03 Jun 14
Attorney Hussain, in my personal opinion has very deep insights into the U.S. Immigration system and how it works. I have personally met with him and I really like the way he went about explaining my case and gave me other relevant information in regards to becoming a permanent resident in the U.S. His passion for helping clients from diverse backgrounds for many years makes him a really experienced immigration lawyer. I will recommend him to anyone who needs help in matters with their U.S. immigration stuffs".
Astghik Safarloo
05:49 16 Mar 14
I highly recommend Hussain with any immigration issues. He is very detail oriented and will submit all the necessary paperwork to help your case. I felt very confident trusting Hussain with my paperwork. He will go out of his way to make sure everything goes well. He is very prompt at responding to emails and phone calls.I highly recommend the Immigration Law Offices!
edgardo gosen
23:53 14 Mar 14
Great lawyer, displays a lot of confidence and shows a large amount of knowledge on immigration cases. All my questions were fully answered and I left his office completely satisfied.I would definitely contact him again if I need any further help.Anybody looking for help in regards to immigration status should seek advice from Mr Hussain.
harpreet sidhu
22:12 15 Dec 13
Attorney Hussain made the daunting process of applying for a green card extremely easy and comfortable for us. He was always prepared and always available to answer any questions me or my husband had. He took care of all the paperwork and all we had to do was show up for our appointments which he also took great care to prepare us for each step of the way. He was always straightforward and honest in discussing our options and extremely professional. I would definitely recommend Mr. Hussain to anyone looking for help with their immigration process!
Qurratulain Yusufaly
18:55 19 Oct 13
Within 4 months of filing my paperwork, I received my green card. Three years later, I am now a U.S. citizen.Mr. Fakhrudeen Hussain makes a daunting and stressful process like obtaining a green card and citizenship significantly less intimidating. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable in his field and professional in his demeanor. I knew what to expect at each stage of the immigration process because Mr. Hussain made it a point to keep me informed throughout and made himself available to answer any and all of my questions.Mr. Hussain is always on point and I highly recommend him!
Ali Yusufaly
20:14 17 Oct 13
Looking for a law firm to handle all of your immigration needs? Look no further than Immigration Law Offices. Seriously, this firm is amazing. We came here for the immigration process for my wife and they took care of everything. Within 4 months of submitting our paperwork through Mr. Hussain, my wife had her green card and 3 years later, she is now a US Citizen. Mr. Hussain is available whenever you need to answer questions and his staff is extremely thorough. We felt at complete ease using this firm and knew that they would be able to handle anything that may come up throughout the entire process. Honestly, we could not be happier with the service that this firm provided and we have already referred a number of people to them for a variety of issues and they rave about the office as well.Don't go anywhere but Immigration Law Offices for help with immigration issues.
Jennifer Ziskin
21:14 27 Aug 13
When someone mentions immigration and green cards where do you start. What paperwork to fill out how much to pay the government how long will it take. Our attorney Hussein was absolutely amazing. Everything from start to finish was really a piece of cake. Hussein made this such a painless not scary experience. I can't say enough. I will highly recommend to anyone who needs immigration law. 100% A+++ for professionalism and experience.
Andrew Hooks
21:11 27 Aug 13
Well what can I say about Immigration Law Offices, LLP ...... oh yeah what a great experience using them it was. Hussain is very professional and he certainly knows his stuff and what he's doing in regards to immigration. All questions we had were answered with confidence and professionalism. From start to finish our case only took 4 months which was great and could not be happier with how Hussain handled it all.Thank you Hussain we will be recommending you to our friends that may need your services :))
Mithun M.
18:40 29 Jul 13
I was looking for immigration lawyer online and found Fakhreed’s contact. Fakhreed is a great lawyer and very professional in his field. He was very straight forward and honest while discussing my case and gave me all the possible open options. I am very confident about my future plans now and would definitely recommend him.Thank you so much FakhreedMithun,Los Angeles
Gaurav Sharma
22:21 10 Jul 13
I found out about Hussain through a family member and after hearing all the good things that she had to say I decided to go with him. Hussain has a thorough knowledge of all the immigration related services. I was applying for my permanent residence through marriage and had no problems during the process as Hussain guided me in every step with detailed information on what needs to be done and what all documents need to be submitted. After sending him the initial information that he asked to prepare the packet, it did not take much time before he had all the paperwork already prepared and ready to be submitted with the USCIS. All I had to do was just sign and send him back the documents. All the stages during my proceeding went smooth and had no troubles getting any answers that I needed during this. I will highly recommend Hussain to anyone who is looking for any immigration assistance or guidance.
Arman Grigoryan
23:40 07 Jun 13
Hussain is the most knowledgeable and prompt Immigration Law Attorney I have ever met.My immigrant family has dealt with many immigration Law Attorneys,but after I met Hussain, he became my best choice.Every time I ask him an immigration question, he responds very quickly and precisely.During my visits to his place in Van Nuys, my experience of his knowledge of the Immigration law was very impressive. He is also very friendly and understood my specific situation, while I am on the way to my citizenship now.I also refered our family friend to Hussain, she has been happy with his service and she is getting her green card soon (she had a complicated case).I would really recommend him to all my acquaintances and everyone else, whoever needs any immigration law help, green card and us citizenship services help.Great Thank you to Hussain FakhrudeenArman,Burbank, CA
Tasneem Murtaza Mansoor
23:34 17 May 13
Mr. Fakhrudeen Hussain is extremely professional and one of the most knowledgeable attorney I have worked with. He did an adjustment of status and green card applications for my husband and also assisted me through my citizenship process. Every time he would explain the process to me, it would be clear, precise and very constructive. He was always there to help us with preparing and collecting all necessary documents and would guide us through all questions and concerns. He gave us a timeframe and everything happenmed exactly as he told us. We are now planning our first vacation after our wedding and we have no one else to THANK other than Mr. Fakhrudeen Hussain!
America Soto
00:45 20 Apr 13
Quisiera compartir con ustedes mi experiencia, necesitaba los servicios de un Abogado en Inmigracion e hice tres citas con diferentes Oficinas de Abogado. Por suerte la primera cita fue con el Abogado Hussain desde que empeze hablar con el acerca de mi caso, tuve la certeza que estaba con la persona indicada, Fue muy explicito, se tomo todo el tiempo necesario para explicarme el proceso de mi peticion familiar; tambien me dijo con tal exactitud que dias iba a recibir cada carta de aceptacion, la cita para mi permiso de trabajo, siempre que el recibia alguna noticia me llamaba para asegurarse de que yo habia recibido la noticia tambien.Y sobre todo el dia de la cita para la entrevista me acompano a la Oficina de Inmigracion. Estaba tan feliz y revise toda la documentacion la noche anterior para que no me vaya a faltar nada y a la hora de la entrevista no lleve la carta que me habian enviado para la cita, pero El estaba hay con su portafolio y saco la carta para que puieda empezar la entrevista.Hay algo mas que le estoy mus agradecida a Dios por poner este senor tan profesional en mi camino , asi como haber encontrado una persona humana que no se extra limita con sus honorarios y sobre todo que hasta me dio facilidades de pago. Ya puedo viajar a mi pais despues de 20 anos,
Eloisa Serikova
02:06 14 Feb 13
My experience with Mr. Fakhrudeen Hussain was very good he help us with all the process to get my resident card and everything happen like he says, he's a very professional person and knows very good what he's doing, im very happy with his help and my husband and i recommended 100 % percent.Thank you so much
Alfred M
10:45 12 Feb 13
During me and my family's immigration process. Mr. Hussain was of great help. Not only did he make us understand the process and really prepare us for our interview, But he also is a positive person. Not like the typical lawyers who are always in a hurry and barely cares about you. Very trustworthy, which is really hard to find these days. Very straightforward and did a great job for us.Green Card - Achieved!!
Alexander F
08:30 10 Feb 13
I have been trying to fix my legal situation for the longest time. The first time I made it all the way to the last interview, but because I didn't have good representation, things fell between the cracks, The second time around I was taken advantage of by this woman who ended up scamming me for money, and almost getting me deported. By the time I brought my case to Attorney Fakhrudeen Hussain it was already a mess. Thankfully Atty. Hussain is very knowledgeable and has plenty of experience, He was able to get me a green card. My advice to you is to have Atty. Hussain accompany you to your final interview because he will be the best tool to guide you through. It really worked for me. I sincerely recommend him for all your immigration needs.Atty. Hussain, I'm thoroughly grateful for all your help.
Diego Orellana
02:59 04 Feb 13
I found Mr. Hussain through a google search while looking for someone to help me with my citizenship application. I thought that with my legal situation it would be possible to become a citizen. However Mr. Hussain was able to find detailed information regarding my situation and made it possible for me to continue with the application process. Mr. Hussain has over 6 years experience with the immigration field. He's very knowledgeable, very quick and understand even the more complex situations with immigration. I was able to make a consultation the same day that I called, and he was able to give me the answers I was looking for in less than 30 minute.Mr. Hussain also knew how much and how long everything would be up front, before signing any paperwork. I was always able to reach him if I had any questions or concerns, he always responded as quickly as possible. I would and have recommended Mr. Hussain to friends and family for any immigration services. If you're thinking of doing anything on immigration, dont hesitate on having a consultation with him.
Knowbleman *
05:17 16 Jan 13
Hussain helped my wife and I through very complex situations and explained each step in a professional and understandable manner. He kept detailed records of our case and life history leading up to our meeting with him. I really felt like he knew our specific situation and what needed to be done. He prepared and organized our path and oriented us to the paperwork we would need to take the necessary steps toward our goal. Hussain was prompt in returning email and phone communication and very flexible in arranging face to face meetings. Excellent customer service and knowledge base. I highly recommend Fakhrudeen Hussain.
Tatevik Torossian
00:02 16 Jan 13
Outstanding professionalism, detailed knowledge of laws and events and promptness in delivering service. Hussain never wavered and always went an extra step to ensure a complete and timely package delivery to authorities. My husband and I knew the first day we met with him we’d like him to take on our cause. And which he did, and did so with exceptional care and professional attention to detail, guiding us through each step and always submitting documents without delays. He was quick to respond to any of our questions at any time, either by email or phone call or in person. He is my #1 recommended attorney for anyone’s immigration needs, simple or complex.
Cesar Lopez
16:26 30 Oct 12
Mr. Hussein was very helpful during my process. I came into it with very little information but he answered all my questions and was never more than a phone calls away from answering more of my questions. I highly recommend Mr. Hussein for anyone who wants a fast and hassle-free time when working on your immigration case
Aditya Gupta
05:09 23 Oct 12
In a time when WSJ is publishing articles that lawyers starting to charge over $1000 per hour, Mr. Hussain defies the belief that for quality immigration advice you have to dig deep in your pocket and then some. He is a great human being and seems to be motivated to help people who come to his office seeking immigration answers. He is very knowledgable and his explanations are very clear and he tries to put all the options on the table with pros and cons of each approach with his personal recommendation. This way one doesn't feel to be rushed into a decision and the right answer automatically present itself.If you looking for immigration advice please consult Mr. Hussain, he wont disappoint you.
Corrina Harper
04:39 26 Sep 12
During my immigration process, I was nervous but Mr Hussain was wonderful in explaining everything to me. I would highly recommend him!!
Yi Ze
03:52 21 Aug 12
I used their service for my job change on EAD. I had a great experience working with him. Hussain is very thorough with his work and can be trusted to give right advice. I would highly recommend him.
mubaraka arastu
00:57 06 Aug 12
Our experience with Mr. Hussain far exceeded our expectations. He made the entire experience extremely easy and comfortable for us both. He is very well organized and tells you exactly what you need to complete the process to apply for immigration. We literally had to do little to no work besides complete and bring in the required paperwork that he asked for. He is very efficient and completed our application process in a timely manner and he guided us very well from the beginning to the end of our process. He was always easily available for questions and face to face meetings whenever required and always returned calls when he was busy. We would highly recommend Mr. Hussain to anyone who needs to apply for immigration and wants to have a pleasant experience with outstanding service.
Sunanda Anand
03:14 27 Jul 12
Mr Hussain was really helpful throughout the immigration process. He gave us a proper timeline which we were able to understand and follow through.
Amit Batra
19:47 22 Jul 12
Mr. Hussain was a clear guidepost in our immigration process. He gave us the opportunity to meet with him on several occasions as the filings went along and kept us completely informed as to what was being incurred on our behalf. We were happy with him being reachable on the phone as well as by email, all the while maintaining his friendly demeanor and approachability.
Huz Kaderbhai
15:40 06 Jul 12
Hussain is extremely knowledgeable and professional and is very easy to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend him for your immigration related needs. He always made me feel like a valued client.
Dron Regmi
19:43 31 May 12
Mr. Hussain is a great lawyer and a greater human being. In the past, I have always been very nervous and concerned while approaching a lawyer. Mr Hussain's demeanor and energy immediately put me at ease. He takes your case as his own, and takes it very seriously - it is not just another case for him. He is very articulate, vastly knowledgeable and superlatively professional. I have been very very impressed with him!
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