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Workers’ Compensation Benefits


Workers’ compensation is designed to help cover the costs associated with injuries that are suffered while on the job. However, the extent and types of benefits you are eligible to receive depends on the nature and severity of your injuries. It is important to have skilled legal representation on your side to help ensure that you recover everything to which you are entitled. Van Nuys lawyer Fakhrudeen Hussain helps all types of workers and their families obtain workers’ compensation benefits. He can help guide you through this process so you are able to devote your attention to getting better. Call our office or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.


The amount and types of benefits available to you depend on the unique circumstances of your situation. A number of different factors are taken into account when it comes to determining a workers’ compensation award. Some of the typical benefits available to injured workers include:

  • Medical expenses: Workers’ comp will usually cover the medical expenses related to your injuries for as long as your doctor considers treatment to be necessary. Costs that may be covered can include hospital bills, medication, medical equipment and physical therapy needed to treat your injury.
  • Lost wages: Many people think that workers’ compensation will cover the amount of their usual paycheck. However, workers’ comp only covers a certain percentage of your lost wages. We can let you know how much you can be expected to receive while you are out of work.
  • Disability benefits: There are four categories of disability benefits under workers’ compensation: (i) temporary total disability, (ii) temporary permanent disability, (iii) permanent total disability and (iv) permanent partial disability. We can let you know whether any of these categories are likely to apply to your case.
  • If you have lost a loved one as the result of a fatal workplace accident, you may be entitled to death benefits, including financial compensation to help make up for the loss of income brought in by your loved one.