provisional unlawful presence waivers

If someone is in the country illegally, that person is legally considered inadmissible. There are ways for people to obtain a waiver of this inadmissibility status, and the process is simpler than it used to be. Talk with a provisional waiver lawyer as soon as possible to discuss the process and learn about your rights and options.

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How Provisional Waivers Work

Formerly, someone who entered the country illegally seeking to become a legal resident would have to file a waiver for a pardon (for breaking immigration laws) after leaving the country and wait outside of his/her home country until a waiver is approved. Now, although the waiver for pardon is still required, the new process is simplified. The provisional waiver, which is only available for spouses and children of U.S. citizens, would allow you to stay in the country while your waiver is being considered. The process is simplified and streamlined, to help people in this situation obtain waivers more quickly and without having to leave the country. However, once the waiver is approved they will be required to go back to their home country to get their visa stamped in the passport and re-enter the United States legally to become a permanent resident.

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