Impact Of Work Injuries On Hispanic Families

As a member of a Hispanic/Latino family, you know all about hard work. It is surely a source not only of income, but of pride and dignity for your family. If your family is facing a workplace injury, it can really throw you into crisis. At the Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez, our trusted and experienced lawyers can help you navigate the workers’ compensation process. Call 888-997-3701 for a no-cost consultation. From our office in Van Nuys, we serve clients throughout the Los Angeles area.

Hispanic/Latino Employees Are More Likely To Have Dangerous Jobs

Whether you are a U.S. citizen, a legal immigrant or an undocumented worker, as a Hispanic worker in California, chances are good that you work in a dangerous job such as construction, landscaping and transportation. Undocumented workers often take jobs with the highest risks because other workers will not take them. In addition, first-generation immigrants may be afraid to speak up and ask questions or challenge unsafe situations, and they may have language barriers that increase safety risks of work injuries. These factors may also make it more difficult to apply for benefits on your own. At the Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez, we speak Spanish. Let us guide you through the process to make sure you receive the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. If you have concerns about your legal status, we are experienced immigration attorneys and can help you with that as well.

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