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Why Do You Need A Workers’ Comp Attorney?

There are many reasons to get the Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez on your side after a job-related injury or illness. Among other things, Mr. Hussain and Mr. Gutierrez can:

  • Answer your questions. You likely have many questions about your rights after a workplace accident. Which doctor should you go to? Can you change your doctor? How do you get treatment for a pre-existing injury that was made worse? What happens if a loved one was killed? What should you do if your claim was denied? Our lawyers can provide the answers you need.
  • Guide you through the system. Dealing with insurance companies is typically confusing and difficult. The company will likely send you mountains of paperwork. Even those who speak excellent English can have trouble understanding what to do. For those who speak very little English, it can be impossible. Our lawyers can be your translators and helpers.
  • Get you the most money possible. Our skilled attorneys may be able to get you a much larger settlement than you could get for yourself. Plus, our lawyers can help you seek other types of benefits such as job retraining and schooling.

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Even If It Seems OK Now, You Might Need Help Later

You may be thinking, “I’m already getting paid money for my injury, so everything is fine. I don’t need an attorney.”

However, you may not realize that at some point, your doctor will release you. He or she will say you’ve recovered your health as much as possible. Then, you will either need to return to work or deal with a permanent disability.

Don’t wait until that day comes. When it does, you will be left without help. If you disagree with the doctor, where will you turn? If you can’t go back to your old job, what will you do? Get our lawyers on your side today, so we can help you in the future. They get paid only after you receive a settlement, so you won’t owe anything upfront.

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