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Four Steps To Take After A Work Injury

At the Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez in Van Nuys, we understand that suffering a work-related injury can be stressful. When you don’t know what to do next, it makes the problem even worse.

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Here are four important steps to take after an on-the-job injury:

  1. Tell your employer about your injury. It’s not just a good idea to report your injury, but it’s actually the law. The California Labor Code requires you to tell your supervisor about the workplace accident if you hope to get compensation for it.
  2. Fill out the claim form. After you report the accident, your employer should give you a workers’ compensation claim form to fill out. You should complete it honestly, making sure to record the details of the accident and your resulting injuries.
  3. Get medical care. If your injury requires emergency help, call an ambulance or go to the hospital right away. For nonemergency injuries, visit a doctor who is authorized to provide care after a workplace accident. (Unless you have predesignated a doctor, you should choose one off the list that your employer provides.)
  4. Get legal help. There are many reasons to get a lawyer on your side, even if you don’t think you need an attorney right now. Remember, our lawyers get paid only if they help you get the money you need. It doesn’t cost you anything upfront to get skilled legal assistance. Plus, the first consultation is always free. Why not take advantage of it?

One Important Mistake To Avoid

One of the most common mistakes that people make is to not report their injuries right away. You may be afraid of losing your job, or you may think you can’t get benefits if you’re an undocumented immigrant. Both of these are untrue. Your employer is not allowed to fire you for filing a workers’ compensation claim. And even if you’re not a legal resident of the U.S., you can still seek benefits.

Don’t wait to take action after a workplace accident. Report it as soon as possible, get medical care and then call one of our highly skilled attorneys. You can reach us by phone or by email.

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